More on 2002 Wheel Dimensions

wheel dimensions

More useful wheel  dimension information for 2002s.

I just discovered that the set of lightly used 13 x 6 rims I have left for sale consist of two with 9mm offset, and two with zero offset.  After I made this discovery I Googled a bit more and came up with this very informative link from Ireland Engineering

That’s only slightly less than 3/8″ difference. Under normal circumstances there should wheel dimensionsbe noticeable issues, but if you wanted to make them equal you could do so by using 1/4″ spacers in the zero offset wheels to make them equal.

The stock steel wheels were 13 x 5, and the extra inch of width needs to be distributed on the from so as to keep the steering pivot point the same distance from the tire contact patch. That’s a factor called scrub radius. The 9mm offset is designed to compensate for the change in scrub radius caused by increasing the contact patch area.

14 x 6 Wheels from early M3s:

Also interesting is that you can use the 14×6 wheels from 1984 to 91 M3s on a 2002 with 195.60 tires without having to modify any body work. I might consider trying that on the 76 2002.

wheel dimensions

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  1. Tim says:

    Excellent info, thankd Stirling. I had no idea about the effect on the steering pivot.

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