Some Proposed Class Structures

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The Fast Ones Vintage Racing: Some Proposed Class Structures

Submitted by Stirling Watts

These proposed class structures are designed to limit that application of big money, while still allowing and encouraging innovation and free thought. As written they are roughly based on simplified rules of some existing vintage racing clubs. Their objective is simplicity, flexibility, and the maximization of eligibility across the board.

Any suggestions? There may be (a) specific motorcycle(s) which may be accidentally excluded by these rules, so let’s look at them closely and make the structure as affordable and fair as possible for everyone involved.
Lightweight Vintage: Single and twin cylinder four stroke or two stroke, manufactured in the 1950s and 1960s to 350 cc. Drum brakes only.

Middleweight Vintage: Single and twin cylinders of the 1950s and 1960s, two stroke or four stroke, to 500cc. Drum brakes only.

Heavyweight Vintage: Twins and 3 cylinders to 750cc of the 1950s and 1960s, four cylinders to 600cc, with period brakes.

Classic 350: Singles and twins to 350 cc up to model year 1979. Two strokes of any configuration and 4 stroke four cylinders to 250cc. Period brakes.

Classic 500: Singles and twins to 500 cc up to model year 1979, 3 or more cylinders and two strokes of any configuration to 400cc. Bodywork to reflect the period.

Classic 750: twins and threes to 750 cc, four cylinders to 600 cc to model year 1979 equipped with disc brakes. Ducati Pantah up to 650 cc

Classic Bott (Twins and Triples): Two and three cylinder s up to model year 1981 over 750 cc.

Classic Open Lightweight: Four cylinders up to 600 cc to model year 1983. Air cooled only.

Classic Unlimited Superbike: Four cylinders over 600 cc up to model year 1985. No water cooling.

For all classes:

Any motorcycle excluded on the basis of the rules as stated may be backdated to meet the requirements. DOT tires only (no slicks), no tire warmers. No nitrous oxide, no non standard fuel injection, no methanol based fuels.

Tires are DOT legal (no slicks), unless Formula classes are added in the future.  We do not want to exclude TZs and RSs and the like if they are out there!

Historical Perspective on Performance

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