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Visiting Brooklands | Vintage Era Racetrack in Surrey England

Three wheeled Morgan with JAP engine.

Visiting Brooklands

By Larry Watts

My wife Carol and I visited the Brooklands Motor Racing Circuit Museum in Surrey, England a couple of weeks ago. It is the oldest purpose built motor racing circuit in the world, constructed in 1907.


Brooklands was THE place for motor racing in England up until 1939. Britain’s WW 2 Defense activities ended the racing there in 1939 when the circuit was taken over for aircraft construction and an airstrip was built in the infield.


An aircraft construction hanger was built directly on the pit lane and another built on one of the straights thus rendering the circuit useless for racing. Today it is a fascinating museum displaying motorcycles, cars, aircraft (including a Concorde!) and even a London Bus museum.


Large portions of the original banking are still there and you can walk on it. I went there expecting to stay about 15 minutes and spent the entire day there.


I highly recommend visiting Brooklands if you’re planning a trip to England. Brooklands is located inside the M25 in the southwest corner of the London metropolitan area.

MG TC Racing in the 1950s