The Fast Ones – Motorcycle Track Days for Vintage Enthusiasts

Fast Classic Motorcycle

This is a brand new effort…..and if you like vintage motorcycle road racing as much as I do, and if you like like the idea of attending affordable motorcycle track days,,simple, informal and fun, you will want to hear more about this.

Club racing for many has always felt a little bit too formal and a little too uppity.  It has always seemed hard to filter out those people with the big money, and the formal rules that were designed to control all of that get in the way of fun.

The main problem is that in club racing there is just far too much emphasis on the competition, on winning, on points, on personal recognition, and just not enough emphasis on the fun.   Part of the solution in motorcycle track days.   We, who are among “the fast ones” forming this group, want to put that affordable fun back into riding on the racetrack…..we want to create an environment where you can afford to learn to be a ”fast one” on YOUR vintage bike, in a safe and fun environment.

Who are “the fast ones?” Well we can all be fast, or at least  we can think we are.   But how fast are you, really?  Do you really know how to ride at a fast but sane pace ?   How can you learn to do so without truly and literally risking your own life?

The answer to those questions is “the racetrack”.  Do you own a fast vintage bike?  Would you like to ride it REALLY fast….like,  to explore its limits, and yours, in a safe and controlled environment?

Fast Classic MotorcycleAll during the 80s I was heavy into motorcycle club road racing, in both modern classes and vintage, and the most fun I EVER had racing was in those vintage classes.  And I think it was because the folks riding in those classes were less focused on personal competition.  They were there simply for the joy, perhaps for the nostalgia of riding fast in the vintage class.  In several clubs of that period, I had a blast on the racetrack on my Ducati 350 single……  Recently we started to put that Ducati back together again.  Our good friend Martin Weiss, also known as Reptile-Motos, has been working on that project.  In working with Martin on that project, a little bit of bench racing stirred up some fresh ideas about track time and vintage motorcycles that a lot of folks are going to like.

We all love going faster with our vintage bikes than is allowed, or it is safe to do on the street. This is why we go to the race track where we can go as fast as  we want (or can). For now we just want to have fun, but if there is enough interest we will create a Vintage/Classic Racing group. 2-3 races a year.  For now the group will probably be Florida based.  Suggested venues so far are Jennings in north Florida, and Moroso Park in West Palm Beach.  There are other potential options.

Please Send us a short message, comment on the video (to be imbedded here soon) or this post,  and introduce yourself, your bike, and what you hope to get out of joining us in this new organization.  And let’s make this a reality!

- Stirling Watts

David (MK) via photopin cc

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  1. Aaron Dickey says:

    Hey Sterling!

    Not sure how this will work out for me but it’s worth a try!!!! I have relatives in Pensacola so I could theoretically kill two birds with one stone. I own two old Suzuki GSXR bikes (a 1991 750cc and an 1987 1100cc) I also have an old 1971 Honda 350 that I am rebuilding for my son in California. We have several race venues here in Colorado and if there is much interest please consider some of the tracks here. Let me know more of the particulars! Keep it safe and the tire side down!

    • Stirling says:

      Thanks Aaron. We will be adopting some rules similar to a German classic racing club in which Martin participated just a few years back. I’ll post a summary of them shortly, and Martin will also be made an administrator here as well in the next few days. In the mean time you can contact Martin of Reptile-Motos through his Facebook page called The Fast Ones, dedicated to his new idea.

  2. I’ve never raced, but always wanted to! I currently have a ’75 Moto Morini Strada that’s been morphed into a Sport. This bike was actually raced about 15 years ago, and it still has some wiring. I’ve recently had it repainted, and rearsets are next on the menu. My husband, Roland Stadelmann, has a ’75 BMW R90/6, but I don’t know that he’d want to race it! We live in upstate South Carolina, but would consider coming down to Florida. If you came to Road Atlanta, it would be even better!

    • Stirling says:

      Hi Lynnea, thank you for the response! The Morini sounds really cool! This being a brand new idea, feedback is important and provides a clear idea where the interest is geographically. I don’t live in FL anymore either, but the best of my racing days were spent mostly in FL. My son, who is in possession of our Ducati single, lives near Orlando, which is also the home base of Reptile-Motos, the originator of this idea. I live all over the place and go wherever the work takes me. Most recently we probably were not far from you, working in Charlotte NC, but for now we are at home in Missouri awaiting the next assignment. Stay tuned and thank you for following us here! See you on the race track, we all hope!

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