Where Are They All Today? Part 4, Final Edition on early MG TC Racing by Bob Watts

Harley Watts in 1955 with family and his MG TC

Where Are They All Today?  Part 4, Final Edition on early MG TC Racing by Bob Watts

I can add a few bits of updated information since this article was written circa 1997.  Harley’s chartreuse colored TC is still, as reported, in the possession of my brother, Larry, where it has been for about 25 years.  Its restoration was (slowly) initiated in the late 60s, and the car still remains in complete and solid and restorable condition.  The last time I remember it being licensed for the street must have been around 1961.  It was then still our daily transportation family car, and I remember running errands in it with my Mom at the wheel,  right about the time I started in public school.  For a long time there was a 1961 Ohio tag on its front bumper.  The picture here, taken the year before my birth, shows the car as I remember it.

The slightly tweaked frame as well as some other body parts of Harley’s first BRG TC was in our garage for the longest time.  I believe that Bob finally collected all of those parts and that they are in his possession. .Also, since this was written, none of the names mentioned in the article are with us any more, with the exception of possibly Chuck Dietrich, and Bob Watts.  The last time I saw Chuck was when Dad came to one of the SCCA races I drove at Mid Ohio around 1996.  Chuck was then around age 72, was also driving that day, and was still extremely competitive in his Formula Atlantic.  Dad passed away in 2004.  I saw Don Marsh at Dad’s  funeral, and not too many years after that I learned of Bob Fergus’ passing.  The last time I had seen Bob Fergus was in the early 90s at a vintage sports car race at Sebring, which I had gone to spectate.    What happened to the Fergus cars we have no idea.  Bob  Watts is now age 87, is and very active in the MG club in central Ohio.   Though he does not mention it in this article, Bob completed a meticulous restoration of his second TC in the late 90s, and he regularly drives it in casual vintage events.    –editor.

Final Edition – part 4 on MG TCs in Central Ohio by Bob Watts

Those original TCs are where now?  Ray Fisher’s TC was, as I recall, a cream colored car, and may have been traded on the Porsche 356 drophead which he drove for many years.  Don’t know where it might be now.  Tom Harrington’s TC was a cream car also.  I don’t know what happened to it.   I believe Roger Morgan owned it for a while.  Bob Fergus still has his BRG late 48 or 49 TC, and values it highly.  Phil Miller’s TC was re-painted “Bread Truck White” and sold, or traded on an Austin Healey 100.  I think the Italmecchanica blower was still on it when he disposed of it.  Dave Lee’s TC was red and is currently owned by Dave Stewart of Powell, Ohio and is a R.I.P. Tom Miller’s TC is red and was given to his daughter in California in early March 1996.  It was in need of total restoration, which was completed in 1997.  Don March still drives his black 48 TC with the Marshall blower, which was put on the car in 49 or 50.  Don’s second TC a cream colored car, not blown, was sold to someone in Cleveland in the mid 50s.  Harley Watts’ original BRG 48 TC was the one rolled by a friend coming down the hill at the Bellefontaine hillclimb in about 1954.  The engine ended up in his second TC, while most of the other parts, including fenders, are still in his garage or in my possession.  The engine from the second TC is in Harley’s garage.  His second TC was chartreuse (ugly) and was driven for many years as a family car.  His son Larry now has this car.  He replaced some wood in the tub, and painted the car BRG.  It has not been restored mechanically and is in storage.  Chuck Dietrich’s BRG TC, at last report, was owned by one of Chuck Henry’s sons in Bellevue, Ohio.

Of the nine TCs, the location of six are known, leaving three which are unknowns.  Six out of nine after 46 years isn’t bad.  If you include Harley Watts’ second TC it is seven out of ten.  Of the six, two are driven on occasion, two are R.I.P., one is a basket case without the body tub, and one probably in storage.  I expect the presently existing cars are likely to be around for considerably longer.

The 49 TC EXU purchased by R.G. Watts in Florida in 1952 was sold to “Herbie” Kountz, Ray Fisher’s brother-in-law, who raced it locally before moving to Massachusetts and taking the car along.  The present location is unknown.  My second TC was # 6557 purchased from the Columbus Sports Car Co. (Bob Fergus) in 1954.  It was a “trade-in” on an Austin Healey 100. This TC is the subject of the following “Restoration Manual”.

The MG TC was the beginning vehicle which launched the “Sports Car” boom as well as the SCCA in central Ohio.  Many more models and makes followed, most of which were British, including the XK 120, Austin Healey, Triumph, and the German Porsche.

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